The history of Bardufoss Hotel

After the second World War, colonel Oberst Ole Reistad requested that the Krogstad family established a hotel in Bardufoss. Both Bardufoss Airport and the military station in Bardufoss were expanding and there was a need for an hotel in the  region.  The hotel burned down in 1963 and had to be rebuilt. 

Bardufoss Hotell has been a family owned hotel from the start, and in 2003 the hotel was bought by Kristin and Thorbjørn Nymo. Kristin is an descendant of some of the first families that established themselves in the Bardufoss area at the end of the 17th century. The settlers were encouraged by Fogd Jens Holmboe and the promise of free lush land. 

Thorbjørn is from Bergen, and has run various businesses from a young age. He has also been involved in community development projects, both as a developer and as a politician (both in Oslo and in Målselv county). The couple met in Oslo, and decided to move north to Bardufoss to run the hotel and do property development. 

Marius S. Nilsen, is the current hotel manager. He is from the Bardufoss area, and returned to Bardufoss after finishing up his degree in Tromsø.