The history of Bardufoss Hotel

COVID-19 announcement 

Please note that due to COVID-19 and new restrictions, we have reduced daily operations and as a result the opening hours of our reception.

Our reception is now open from 8am to 4pm. You are welcome to check in before or after this, but we would then like to be notified about this prior to your arrival.


We also now offer a limited set breakfast menu with two options. 

The hotel is open. We have put measures in place to minimize the chance of any visitors or staff getting infected by the COVID-19 virus.

Due to COVID 19 and the situation it has created for the travel industry we have had to reduce our staff, and as a result we no longer serve breakfast at the hotel as usual. We will of course reduce the price per night accordingly. he hotel is in close proximity to both restaurants and shops and it should therefore not be a problem to buy food while visiting. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

The hotell is open, but the staff at work is limited. This means that there will not necessarily be someone at  the hotel when you check in, depending on when you arrive. You will receive more information about how to check in when you book. All our guests are more than welcome to give us a call whenever if needed. 

Please note that the hotel will be closed in the period 18th of December till 4th of January. 


Our goal the last years has been to increase the capacity of the hotel, and to renovate the existing structure. The hotel rooms and most of the bathrooms have been renovated the last years, and we have the last months gotten a new elevator and new doors in the building The Covid-19 pandemic has however delayed the extension.  Our goal is now to make the hotel to a cosy Boutique hotel, where the guests can check themselves in, and access quality food and services from local suppliers. 

You can now book selected quality experiences on our website. The activities you can choose from will vary according to the seasons. We have also included a number of places to visit on your own if time allows. 


We hope that you will have a great stay at Bardufoss Hotel. Please leave us a comment, both criticism and praise. 


Kind regards,

Kristin og Thorbjørn Nymo –Owners 

Marius Solheim Nilsen – Hotel Manager 

The history of Bardufoss Hotell

After the second World War, colonel Oberst Ole Reistad requested that the Krogstad family established a hotel in Bardufoss. Both Bardufoss Airport and the military station in Bardufoss were expanding and there was a need for an hotel in the  region.  The hotel burned down in 1963 and had to be rebuilt. 

Bardufoss Hotell has been a family owned hotel from the start, and in 2003 the hotel was bought by Kristin and Thorbjørn Nymo. Kristin is an descendant of some of the first families that established themselves in the Bardufoss area at the end of the 17th century. The settlers were encouraged by Fogd Jens Holmboe and the promise of free lush land. 

Thorbjørn is from Bergen, and has run various businesses from a young age. He has also been involved in community development projects, both as a developer and as a politician (both in Oslo and in Målselv county). The couple met in Oslo, and decided to move north to Bardufoss to run the hotel and do property development. 

Marius S. Nilsen, is the current hotel manager. He is from the Bardufoss area, and returned to Bardufoss after finishing up his degree in Tromsø. 



Bardufoss Hotell Drift AS


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