Resturants in the Bardufoss area


Where: Setermoen

What: Eat tapas made using local food 

NEW! Nordlys kafe Bar og restaurant 

What: Pizza, kebab og mer

Go2 Grill Fortauskafé

Where: Målselvsenteret

What: A small restaurant servering coffee, sandwiches, baguettes, kebab, hamburgere, pizza, slush, soft serves, milkshake and more


Where: Bardufoss city center

What:  Lovely salads, wraps, cakes, milkshakes and more. 



Where: i Bardufoss Sentrum.

What: A place with great traditions and a great pizza, beers and wine menu. 


Madam Jin

Where: Bardufoss city center

What: Asian food, est there or ask for take away. 



What: Traditional Norwegian food 

Basecamp NORD Burgerrestaurant

Where: by Målselv Fjellandsby.

What: Yummy burgers



Where: Målselv Fjellandsby.


Jokern Pizza

Where: Heggelia, Bardufoss

What: Pizza



Hvor: Heggelia, Bardufoss

Hva: Pizza


Rundhaug Gjestegård,

Where: Rundhaug,  Bardufoss.


Buy local food in Bardufoss 

Polarbadet Badeland (3).png

We recommend to by locally sourced food when buying food in Bardufoss. Here are some of our favourites: 


Do you want to taste reindeer meat?

Hjertinn Rein have their own butchery, which is only 3km from the city of center of Bardufoss. 

Målselv mat offers local free range meat from lamb and pork. They also grow vegetables. 

You can get also locally sourced vegetables at the Grønnsaksbua at Minde

Would you like to try some lovely Norwegian strawberries? Order berries with great quality at Jordbærguttan. 

You can also buy local vegetables from the farm Brannskogsand, which is located just by Målselv Fjellandsby. Thorleif and Gunnhild offers great quality and use no pesticides.